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We have been providing quality services at competitive prices to areas like Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Valley Sherman Oaks, Glendale, Pasadena, greater Los Angeles, Orange Count, Ventura County and the rest of Southern California areas.

Our services cater to both commercial and residential services.

We offer

Repair, Replacement, Installation and Restoration of the following :

*Plumbing & Fixtures

* Faucets, Sinks, Shower, Tub, Tub & Shower Combination – Spout & Valve Grab Bars.
* High & Low Sinks, Counters and Cook Tops
* Pedestal Sink.
* Broken & Frozen pipes
* Shower Pan
* Drain
* Jacuzzi
* Shower Doors
* Toilet & Bidet
* Garbage Disposal
* Waste & Overflow
* Pressure Regulator
* Water Filters
* Instant Hot Water Dispenser
* Lawn Sprinkles
* Copper Re-piping
* Remodelling

Heating Needs

*Water Heater

*Gas Water Heater – the most common type, usually cheaper but twice as fast as electric does at heating.

*Electric Water Heater – electric water heater is an upgraded version of a gas water heater. Small units of electric water heater can be easily installed under the sink or cabinet

*Tankless Water Heater – the most in-demand type of water heater in the new generation. It is more energy efficient because it doesnt store hot water. It only heats ups water when needed but it cost a lot more money to install & maintain a tankless water heater.

*Wall Heater Installation

Rooter Services

* Drains & Sewer of All Sizes & Shapes Using Snakes & Cables
* Toilets, urinals, kitchen sinks & drains, shower drains, floor drains, dishwasher drains, lavatory sinks &
lavatory drains
* Storm Drains, Clean Outs, Main Sewer & Branch Lines
* Hydro -jetting main line & branches to break-up roots, grease and mud deposits penetrating the sewer
* Color Video Camera Inspection to diagnose problems and causes of sewer stoppage.

Water Lines

* Installation of above and underground water lines
* Installation of copper lines from curb to building
* Location and re-routing of water lines

Gas Lines

* Locating & Fixing a gas leak
* Installation : Stoves, BBQ Grills, Fireplace , Gas Furnace, Washer & Dryer, Swimming pool heaters
* Gas Meter
* Shut-off Gas Valves / Earthquake Valves

Pumps & Filters

* Sump pump
* Water pump
* Circulating pump
* Utility pump
* Pressure Regulator
* Water Filters
* Icemaker

Sewer Lines Replacement

* Traditional Sewer Line Replacement – a method performed by means of opening, cutting and digging a trench to gain access to the damaged pipe. Plumbers could spend from a few days to a few weeks to finish the job. Digging the dirt to make a trench, Removing and Replacing the drainage pipe and backfilling the dirt back to its original place would require a lot of work and time.

*Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement – as opposed to the traditional Sewer Line Replacement, this method means less damage to the work area and less time to finish the job. It saves you time and money.

In Trenchless Replacement, the technicians don’t need to dig the dirt and make a trench to gain access to the pipe and create a mess in your driveway, in your front or backyard. Instead, they simply use a method where two holes are dug, one hole is from where the sewer exits the building and the other hole is dug the property line or in the street connecting to the main line.

There are certain options to choose from in performing the Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement. These are as follows :

* Pipe Lining Technology – is rehabilitating an old pipe into a stronger, leak and roots free sewer line pipe. This process is performed by applying layers of Epoxy Resin into the inner core of the old pipe which within a few hours will become a new layer of pipe inside an existing pipe. Take note that prior to the lining process, the old pipe should be hydro-jetted to clean its inner surface. This method cannot also be used when the pipe is collapsed or damaged.

* Pipe Bursting Technology – is replacing an old underground pipe without digging a trench. It can be one by feeding a steel cable with an over sized breaker head to the old pipe. This breaker head has a new pipe attached to it which will be used to replace the old pipe. It goes from one hole and ran through the other end of the hole while bursting the old pipe and simultaneously replacing the old pipe with the new one.

*Carpentry Services – We have a team of highly trained professional craftsmen/carpenter/handymen who are skilled to work on your carpentry needs from the basic repair of your furnitures, constructing your custominzed dressers shelves, bookcases, desks, tables or patching your walls to your major carpentry projects of remodeling or redesigning your kitchen, bathroom, terrace, garage or even your whole house.

*Electrical Services - Your electrical needs are in our hands. Our team of licensed and professional electricians work on business and home electrical systems. Most of our pool of contractors offer installation services as well as rewiring and general maintenance in both residential and commerical interior and exterior.

Other electrical services offered are as follows :

- pre-wiring (phone, data, stereo, cable )
- indoor & outdoor lighting
- security systems – glass break detectors, motion sensors, sirens, alarm panel, CCTV,
fire sprinklers
- celing / exhaust fan installation

Restoration Services :
(Residential & Commercial)

* Water Damage Restoration – Water damage can be a slight damage from water caused by a fire smoke alarm leaving mold on some items and walls or emergency sewage damage from a flood, water main break, a failed roof, plumbing
emergency or natural disaster.

Flooding can result in the removal of your carpet, wooden floors or walls. If any of these events happen in your property, you need to call a professional restoration team immediately.

Water damage needs to be repaired as early as possible before it could cause further damage to your properties. Taking water damage problem for granted could double your expenses in repairing the damages in future time. Procrastination could cost you a fortune.

Fire Damage Restoration & Remediation

Fire – is a critically dangerous element you can ever imagine. Even the smallest fire particle could produce a significant damage to your property. Our higly trained, bonded and insured team, armed with first class cleaning and sealing solutions is here to help you :

  • Assess the Damage as to what type of smoke caused the damage whether it is wet smoke, dry smoke, protein based smoke or fuel oil soot.
  • Odor Removal by using advanced Ozone Generators to permanently remove odor, germs and viruses without compromising your properties.
  • By using advanced thermo-foggers that produce a hot thick smoke that destroys odors, and will neutralize particle sizes as minute as .25 microns, reaching into cracks and voids in surfaces touched by water and moisture. After treatment, the interior will be more pleasing than before the damage occurred.
  • Surface Cleaning – EPA-approved smoke odor solutions are used to clean hard surfaces like walls, cabinets, floors, and appliances, and to deep clean soft surfaces like carpeting, and upholstery.
  • HVAC Sanitization – Advanced Hepa-Vac treatment provides for 99.7% vacuuming efficiency at .3 microns to ensure removal of all unseen bacteria, mildew and dangerous microorganisms in ventilation systems.

* Mold Damage Restoration

* Electronic Restoration

* Bio Hazard Romoval

Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

After experiencing a terrible flood in your house or in your office that can be caused by either pipe bursting, plumbing leaks or natural calamities, your carpet will likely to be soaked and damaged.

In this case, restoration should be administered as soon as possible to save your carpet’s life. Your carpet will be dried, cleaned and restored back to its original condition.

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